Our work with

This Is Your Life Now

The Challenge

To create an online magazine platform that highlights the evolving global and local trends pertinent to youths. This Is Your Life Now’s uniqueness comes from featuring articles written by up and coming youth correspondents. These writers take on an issue they care about deeply and share with the world the journey they’ve embarked on that led them to their current views.

The Solution

The youth articles were the main focus for the website design. Our vision was for the readers to feel from the point of view of the writers. As such, we came up with a gallery-type design, elegant and minimalist, as to not veer the readers away from the main highlights. As users begin on the site, they are greeted with the current feature post conveying the current discussion topic. There is also a post grid which simulates a social media platform showcasing the site’s other content. Each grid contains various kinds of interactive articles tackling different current issues.

Other Projects

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